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One size fits it all has three different offerings, but only one common download file, which you should download in any case:

Download Hybrie.NETVersion:1.8.50
Last modified:2012-03-14T12:16:28+01:00
MD5 Checksum:218E13D83C13EE1F6753FF07D023D989


Now there are three different licensing options, explained below:


A free demo version, for anyone to try


You can order a trial license, which enables you to use the software for a limited number of times


You can buy a license, for an unlimited time of usage


.NET Framework 4.0 Full

If Visual Studio 2010 is already installed, you can skip this step.
But in case you use a different machine for building, please download the .NET Framework 4.0 in advance if you have not done so yet.